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The Mexican idea comes from the manager and the chef who are from Mexico. They are working hard with me to put all this together. They worked in famous Mexican restaurants in North Carolina so they specialized in Mexican flavors.


With an American Chef and a Mexican Chef we are bringing to Cape Coral, FL, a combination of America’s flavor.

The Mexican idea

About Our Owner

Our owner worked in New York and Connecticut as a Chef for over 17 years. He worked at famous restaurants since the early 80’s. Places like Beef Steak Charlie’s and TGI Friday in New York. With an ambition to continue moving forward he moved to Connecticut. He has worked at well-known and popular restaurants, including The Market Place Restaurant, Marco Polo, Good Time Charlie’s and The Great American Café.

Takeout available

Choose your favorite item from our exotic menu and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Call us today to order your takeout!

Happy hour specials

Take advantage of our happy hour and daily specials.

Check out our fully-stocked bar!

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